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The Polymer Week AWARDS is a competition for creative polymer talents. The first year will be hold within the Polymer Week event, which is going to take place from 2 to 7 July in Pilsen.


The Polymer Week Awards aim to discover and highlight the amazing artwork made from the polymer clay, introduce them to the public and engage other enthusiasts in the polymer community.


The PWA are consisted of two rounds. In the first round people will have the opportunity to vote directly through social networks for the best products within given categories. In the second round a jury of lecturers and organizers of the Polymer Week 2017 will vote and choose the absolute winner of the Polymer Week Awards, who will be announced and rewarded on 7 July 2017 in Pilsen at the end of the Polymer Week.


1st round

Competitors will send the photo presenting the author's product via email to awards@polymerweek.com.

The deadline is 29 May 2017.

• From May 30, a public poll will be running on social networks and web www.polymerweek.com


2nd round

• selected products with the most votes must be sent by 18 June at the exhibition within the Polymer Week. The general public, journalists and members of the main jury, which then will select the absolute winner of the Polymer Week Awards, will be invited to the exhibition.


There is no fee for participation in the competition, the participant is obligated to pay just the postage at their own expenses. Products submitted for the competition will be sent back after the announcement, or returned to the authors at the Polymer Week. Another option is an auction of products for a charity.



Theme: Futuristic, Cubism, Minimalism



Competitors can choose from topics: Futuristic, Cubism and Minimalism. For the competition, it is necessary to create an entirely new product from the polymer clay presented nowhere. Competitors can choose what they will produce from the polymer within the topic.


The jury will evaluate the idea, originality, processed topic and mainly the whole impression of the product.





1st place

Nadia Elkina



2nd place

Michaela Pecková

(Czech Republic)


3rd place

Pierre Loridon




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